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wedding exhibiton in paris amelie_clements_photography lab oui2 secular ceremony under a chich flowered arch with industrial clocks

Wedding exhibition in Paris – Secular ceremony

  • Date05/12/2014

Mid of October my husband and I went to Paris for a couple of days of holidays and to visit some friends. By chance a new wedding exhibition was taking place this week-end. Organized by a ceremony officer and the two wedding planners from MC2 Mon amour, it was the first wedding exhibition for “secular ceremony” in France, The Lab (oui)². So as a wedding-passionate, I could not resist, and I went there for a couple of hours and it was absolutely gorgeous. The superb and wonderfully decorated set-up, plenty of flowers, the different types of arches with magnificent flowers for the ceremony… woooo, it was a great work from all the wedding suppliers! Actually the woo-effect began as soon as I entered in the beautiful Hotel Salomon de Rothschild where the exhibition was taking place (by the way, it can be rented for your wedding if you are lucky to have the budget 🙂 ).

I discovered new wedding suppliers, it is always a pleasure to chat with men and women with whom you share the wedding passion. People working in the wedding world are so passionate ! The chat could last for hours! I met talented and crafty people, full of energy and creativity, it boosted me a lot.

Back to the topic of this wedding exhibition. Maybe you never heard about a “secular ceremony” at a wedding? It is simply a non-religious ceremony which comes in addition to the town hall ceremony. This one is often short in some countries (for example in France) and people without religion, or from different religions may also want to have  more time and more freedom for sharing their love, their values and exchanging their vows. Therefore since a few years a new kind of wedding ceremony has appeared. There is no law, no dictate for that so the couple is entirely free for imaging this secular wedding ceremony.

As I always say to my customers, your wedding must represent your lifestyle! Your choices have to be driven by your desires. So even if it can be scary to have all this freedom, it is an amazing opportunity to create the sphere you feel comfortable in. Play some live-music, speak about the values of your couple… A unique and  customized moment. The Lab (oui)² gave also some ideas about some symbols which can be used by the bride and the groom during their ceremony, like unity candles, unity cocktails, sand ceremonies… The wedding suppliers exhibited also their nice crafty work: wedding rings pillow made with books, amazing escort-cards, menus, ceremony booklets…

And last but not least my husband and I were very lucky and we attend a candle customization workshop led by the husband of one of my favorite wedding bloggers ever With a love like that (sorry, it is in French! 🙂 ).

So now, I stop chatting and show you some pictures of this cool and elegant event!

wedding_exhibiton_paris_amelie_clements_photography_ceremony hotel salomon de rotschildl



wedding_exhibiton_paris_amelie_clements_photography_ceremony_flowers_chic_papers  by Ombeline Brun


wedding_exhibiton_paris_amelie_clements_photography_ceremony_flowers chic ceremony booklet by Mariane Graphiste



wedding exhibiton in paris amelie_clements_photography lab oui2 secular ceremony under a chich flowered arch with magnificient flowers

wedding_exhibiton_paris_amelie_clements_photography_ceremony_ceremony booklet handmade drawings by Ombeline Brun

wedding_exhibiton_paris_amelie_clements_photography secular ceremony escort cards by Ombeline Brun


wedding_exhibiton_paris_amelie_clements_photography_ceremony_yellow_wedding_ring_pillow_wool fée kabosse

wedding_exhibiton_paris amelie clements photography_ceremony_wedding_ring_pillow_wood la fee kabosse

wedding_exhibiton_paris_amelie_clements_photography_ceremony_wedding_ring_pillow_messages la fée kabosse

wedding_exhibiton_paris_amelie_clements_photography_ceremony_flowers_chic_wedding_ring_pilows_books_original_handmade la fée Kabosse

wedding_exhibiton_paris_amelie_clements_photography_ceremony_glutenfree_cupcakes by Toma sans gluten handfist ribbons

wedding_exhibiton_paris_amelie_clements_photography_ceremony_DIY_candles misterlikethat



Here is the list of the wedding suppliers I discovered and liked. They are all based in France, but thanks to the web no border exists! 🙂

Original wedding pillows (books, wool…) and customizable decoration: La Fée Kabosse 

Wedding stationery: Ombeline Brun

Gluten-free cupcakes (tested and approved!): Toma sans gluten

Flower arranging: Lily Paloma and Drissia


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