Women entrepreneurs in Zurich – Portrait: Dans ma Bicoque

Remember my challenge on stepping outside of my comfort zone? Even if I did not publish all the new sessions I have done, I have kept on challenging my creativity, especially through the series of woman entrepreneur portraits in Zürich area following on from the portrait of the graphic designer Maell published here. It’s such a different approach than working as a baby photographer! But I love these meetings I have with all kind of inspiring women. We all lack of confidence, all of us see ourselves like the girl next door but I can say it’s not true. When I meet these women entrepreneurs they are often intimidated by the idea of “posing”. But working with real-life women is far more interesting and inspiring than working with a professional model! They are truly beautiful and so gifted in what they are doing.

Brigitte is one of these talented women. First thing that comes in my mind when I think about her is: CREATIVITY. She is full of energy, full of ideas and her creations are very original and beautiful. I was impressed by her work. Like me she doesn’t like doing always the same things. Therefore she also offers custom-made creations and she develops in parallel  her creations based on her own ideas. I met her at her place in her workshop. For my family sessions I prefer to come at their home or to a place which means something for the families instead of shooting in an impersonal studio. Same applies for this portrait series: work environment of the entrepreneurs represents a part of their personality. So it’s very important for me to immortalize these women in THEIR environment, which is directly connected to their entrepreneurship story. I’m very happy to share these pictures with you, and to make you discover this creative woman. Don’t hesitate to contact her if you want an original handmade gift for a child or a friend!

As always I was curious to know more about her entrepreneurial journey so the pictures come with a small interview.

What do you offer? 

I offer different kind of objects and projects to my clients. Products for children from hair clips, night lights, blankets to play kitchens. For adults, I make objects from dream catchers to candleholders. I try to tailor a project to a client.

What is the special feature that makes working with you an exceptional experience?

Apart from making object that I leave in shops, I essentially make products for my clients. I often help then to translate their ideas or thoughts into objects they’d like. We work together for something that suits them.

What do you find most attractive about your activity?

I love creating, sewing, using concrete, paper… everything! I don’t even know whether life is long enough to craft everything I’d like.

When have you started this activity?

I’ve always thought about starting my own company. I guess having two children able to go to school now helps me a lot to spend time on this project. Practically speaking, it started a year ago.

What did you do in your former professional life?

I did lots of things from working in marketing or as an accountant to project manager or web design.

At high school, I studied arts. Afterwards, I went to School Hotel De Genève. At the moment, I’m following a sewing class to improve. I can’t answer more precisely to this question though. I’m sort of a mix of all the jobs I did. I think all this background gives me the right stability to fly around to start my own project.

How is the balance between your different activities? How do you manage balancing family time / entrepreneur woman life?

Ah! That’s the most difficult part. As a wife, a mother and an entrepreneur, I have to be organized  to manage my time. My children are still very young, 4 and 6 years old and they obviously need their mum. You need to be extremely organized to deal with the tasks related to my roles. Mornings are made for my project. Afternoon for the kids and evenings for my lovely husband who is very understanding of my job.

What was the trigger for you to change life?

Crafting and creating are the reasons. I needed to make and to realize my ideas. Stay at home isn’t easy, so going outside to show my projects and meet new people is really exciting.

How do you find customers? What tips could you give in order to have new customers?

My clients are my friends or my friends’ friends. Most of my clients heard about me from someone I know even if sometimes some come from social networks. The best thing is when a client contact you to order other products. It really demonstrates they trust you. To have new clients, I’d say, open your contacts and go step by step. I’m very new to the market so I’m always testing.

What was /is the most difficult challenge you had/have to tackle?

Time! When I was a teenager I promised myself to be happy in my love, family and work life. I have to realize it, even if time’s missing.

What is the one thing that you would do differently?

Waiting for my forties. I would change that. Do what you love as soon as you wish.

How do you see your business in five years? Your expectations and your dreams?

In 5 years, I hope to be doing what I am doing and live from it. My dream is to have my own studio-boutique where I’ll be able to see my clients and work on projects.