Pregnancy photographer in Zurich: J.&M.

Working as a family and pregnancy photographer is meeting happy people all the time. Of course, there is often apprehension from being photographed, before the shooting. “What do we do?” “Do we look at the camera?” “We do not know how to pose!” are frequent questions I hear when I meet the expecting parents-to-be or families. But don’t worry! I do not work with professional models, but always with real people. It is far more interesting! Real people mean real feelings. As a photographer immortalizing your feelings and your beauty is the essence of my job.

This long introduction was only to come to this point: the parents-to-be of today are not professional models, I assure you. I know it is hard to believe, they are just fantastic! And moreover they are very very friendly. I had a very nice afternoon with them! And… they have an amazing cat! For all these reasons this article contains lots of pictures, I was not able to narrow down my selection.

I have received today a message announcing their son’s birth, I am looking forward meeting him for the baby photo-session!

Amélie Clements Photography

Family, Maternity, and Newborn Photographer in Zürich – Switzerland