Sujata and Marco – Wedding in the countryside of Bern

Sujata and Marco got married on a beautiful day in the Bern Oberland of Swizerland at Blausee. The location was absolutely stunning for their Indian ceremony! The Blausee is a magnificent clear blue lake surrounded by mountains and trees, it was just amazing! Sujata was laughing a lot and the atmosphere was chilled  despite the positive stress during the bridal preparation. I enjoy a lot these moments, it is an important part of the wedding day, therefore I like to include them in the storytelling. There is always a special atmosphere, calm but exciting at the same time.

They decided to have their couple photo-session before the wedding ceremony. We had a very good time together, walking through the forest and around the lake. They were so friendly and relaxed! Then Marco arrived by horse at the ceremony, like a real gentleman. It was the first time that I attended an Indian ceremony, but thanks to all the explanations Sujata gave me beforehand I was not lost. Their wedding was at the very image of their couple: full of smiles and laughs, colorful and friendly!

Amélie Clements Photography

Wedding Photographer in Zürich, Bern and Luzern – Switzerland