Child photographer-Titouan’s bedroom

I’m happy to blog this photo-shooting today. As a child photographer it was the first time that I did a photosession with an emphasis on the child’s bedroom and I loved this new exercice! Moreover it was entertaining for me! Titouan’s mum thought a lot about the organization of the room, and she carefully takes care about having a pleasant space for her child. She is an education specialist and worked for several years in Montessori kindergarten. She is passionate about alternative education, like Montessori, Steiner-Waldorf… So you will find a lot of Montessori-inspired activities in this bedroom. When I did this child’s bedroom photo-shooting Titouan was a 15-month little boy and loved playing with stackers and reading books!

And how charming is this room in a typical Parisian appartment? Indoor chimney, solid wooden floor, and beautiful light, Titouan is lucky to have such a nice playing area.

If you want to learn more about this lovely family and alternative education at home, have a look on their blog!

Amélie Clements Photography

Family photographer – Switzerland