Baby photographer Thalwil: Welcome to Nevio

I finally take the time to publish this baby photo-session! I am glad to present to you Nevio! He’s an adorable little boy I was excited to meet end of May at his place near Zürich. I was so happy to make this photo-session with him and his parents, since I’ve been following this family since their wedding in Zürich. Being the wedding photographer of a couple and then their pregnancy and baby photographer is such a rewarding job! This photo-session was a present from their friends for Lavina’s baby-shower. They contacted me for a gift voucher, a really nice idea for an out of-the-ordinary gift to an expecting woman or for the birth!

We had a nice time all together and this cute baby was adorable during the whole photo-session! As a baby photographer, I adapt the photo-session to the baby’s rhythm. Nevio was awake during a long time for the photo-session, but he also slept and needed some cuddle moments. So we just took our time and enjoyed!

Amélie Clements Photography

Baby – Family Photographer in Zürich Thalwil and Silver Coast – Switzerland