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Back to work

Hello, I’m back !

After a baby-break I’m so enthusiastic to be back!

December 9th 2015. The most intensive day of my life (and of my husband’s life 🙂 ). The day I gave birth to my baby girl Ambre. Each detail of this day remains in my memory and I loved so much this unique experience. I felt ready for the birth and I was well-prepared for a natural birth thanks to books (especially “J’accouche bientôt, que faire de la douleur?” helped me a lot to avoid epidural), TV shows (like Les Maternelles, on french TV!) and our mid-wife with whom we did pre-natal haptonomy. My husband, the baby, the hospital mid-wife and me were an excellent team during the labour, it was so intense! And Ambre came into the world. So small, so fragile, but also very determined. And so beautiful. I could look at her for hours (and I still do it!).

But I have to admit that the first weeks were hard. Very hard. No, I did not immediately understand her. I was pretty lost in my new life and did not feel a MUM right after the birth. I was confused when she cried, breastfeeding was very complicated for a long time and I was quite freaking out thinking about the responsibilities I now had. Fortunately I was well supported. My husband was strong, patient and supportive, I could speak with a mid-wife who came around 15 time at home, and my parents came during 3 weeks to help us with the baby and the housework. And then little by little I felt better and happier everyday. I understood more and more my daughter and now I think that I am entirely fulfilled and I love so much my new life… Actually it is like a love relationship. The more you know the person, the deeper you are in love. And I have to say that I am totally crazy about my baby and I enjoy every single moment with her!

Now that I have been through the pregnancy adventure and that I have experienced all these intense mum-feelings, I am so motivated to start again with photo-sessions as a family and baby photographer! I’m totally excited being able to help you creating unique memories with your big belly and the first moments with your baby! I know that time flies with a newborn. And being everyday with your little one, it is hard to remember how small they were at the beginning. I want to immortalize these unique moments. Their first days with you, their first smiles, their first steps… each moment is worth being remembered. When I look at the pictures of my daughter when she was a couple of weeks old, I am already amazed by all the evolutions. Everyday brings something new. I would like to stop the time (not always! Sometimes it’s exactly the opposite and I’m looking forward to the next day when she is having a bad day! 🙂 ).

This experience as a new mum has also confirmed my choice about not having a studio, but rather going to the families’ home or outside if they prefer. I was so exhausted right after the birth and it lasted around one month, I was also a bit stressed about my baby’s rhythm, therefore I was not very relaxed with the idea of going out for an appointment at a fixed time. Besides I was not really in good shape after having given birth. So going out and driving were very difficult. Offering to come to people’s place, in their known environment, is totally what I would have needed. Parents are relaxed and have all what they need. Even if mum is still recovering, they open their door to me and just have to enjoy the photo-session.


So if you are pregnant, if you have already one or several babies or toddlers, if you plan to get married or if you are just in love and want to make beautiful memories I would be very happy to meet you!

I leave you with some pictures of my newborn when she was two weeks and three months old.

Enjoy every single moment of your life and live your dreams…





newborn_posing_zurich baby photographer_amelie_clements_photography_beige_background_feet

newborn_posing_zurich baby photographer_amelie_clements_photography_beige_background_cute_face



And an extract of the photo-session I did for her three months! Her big eyes are looking into the world with so much curiosity! She loves communicating with people and is a very social little person! She enjoys the visits we have, going out for a coffee…

newborn_posing_zurich baby photographer amelie_clements_photography_three_months_pink_fabric







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    Oh, quel beau texte! Et Ambre est si jolie!!

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    Magnifiques photos, et ton bébé est adorable ! J’ai beaucoup aimé ton texte, qui résume parfaitement ce que j’ai moi aussi ressenti à l’arrivée de mon bébé. Un vrai tsunami emotionnel ces petits-êtres !

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    Un texte dans lequel toute jeune maman se reconnaîtra sans doute, en tous cas il a fait écho en moi, et tes photos de ta magnifique fille sont superbes. J’aimerais tellement pouvoir en avoir de telles de mes choupinous. A tout hasard, serais-tu de passage en France durant cet été ?

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      Merci pour ton commentaire ! Je compte passer à Paris cet été pendant un week-end prolongé, j’en profiterai pour voir Déborah Alex et Titouan. Si tu es intéressée par une séance et que tu es toi aussi à Paris, on pourra combiner! Sinon je me déplace aussi dans le Haut Rhin sans frais. Tu peux m’écrire un mail si ça te dit! En tout cas à bientôt sur le blog de Titouan 🙂

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