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Mother-daughter photo-session in Zürich

If I had been asked before moving to Zürich which were the months I did not like at all, I would have answered October-November without any hesitation! I could only think about rain, grey skies, cold…

My love for autumn started when we got married in November 2012, in the middle of the orange vineyards of South of France and with a beautiful blue sky. So now of course autumn is linked to the most beautiful day of my life, my wedding! In addition when I arrived in Zürich I discovered that fall can be magic! We often have beautiful days, fall foliage is reaching vibrant colors, reds, golds, yellows… Especially at the end of afternoon, forests are gorgeous. As a family photographer I’m always very happy when a couple or a family contacts me for a photoshooting in Switzerland during this period of the year.

This family photo-session took place during one of these perfect days of autumn. Mary and Amie were coming from Philippines to spend some holidays in Switzerland and they thought about immortalizing their mother-daughter travel with a photo-session at the end of their holidays in Zürich. It is such a good idea! After having exchanged several emails we decided to have their mother-daughter photo-shooting on the Züriberg. Weather and light were stunning, Mary and Amie were happy to discover the forest of Zürich and they now have nice printed memories of their holidays!










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